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W.S. Sod & Landscaping Staff

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PALLET OF SOD  $150.00

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Here at W.S. Sod Landscaping & Produce

we are dedicated to excellence in service,

integrity in operation and reliability to customers.

We offer a full variety of service.

Brief History

This company was founded in 1972 by Willie Steele Jr. and for thirty years, W.S. Sod has established a reputation for providing reliable service and quality products to residential and commercial customers throughout South Florida. The firm can successfully take on projects covering one million or more square feet of landscape, including sod, trees and other materials and complete the work quickly while meeting the most challenging of specifications: this is what separates W.S. Sod from other competitors. We continue to update our skills through education and training. Mr. Steele personally stands behind a promise to provide the best service and materials at the best price while recognizing the need for quality workmanship. it is his mission to apply the same standards of exceptional work and products to both commercial and residential customers.


By the PALLET~~By the 1/2 PALLET~~By the the Piece

***A $5.00 pallet deposit will be added to all deliveries/pickups***

*****Delivery And Installation Available.*****

******Prices Subject To Change. Please Call For Current Pricing.***** 



Sod Below Is Special Ordered

Special ordered sod must be ordered a week in advanced prior to delivery/pick up date.

there is a 5 pallet minimum on all special orders 

Zoysia Sod

450 square feet a pallet.

Because it can tolerate wide variations in temperature, sunlight, and water, Zoysia are widely used for lawns in temperate climates. They are used on golf courses to create fairways and teeing areas. Zoysia grasses stop erosion on slopes, and are excellent at repelling weeds throughout the year. They resist disease and hold up well under traffic.

Bermuda Sod

450 square feet a pallet

Bermuda grass is ideal for warmer climates with its most active growth taking place when ground temperatures exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit. When cooler weather comes along, Bermuda grass becomes dormant and turns a sandy-brown color. This is perfectly fine for most warm-climate residents as they don't much prefer to be outside in the winter cold anyway.

Palmetto Sod

500 square feet a pallet

Palmetto is a native St. Augustine grass cultivar selected for better color and finer texture than ordinary St. Augustine grass. Palmetto St. Augustine grass demonstrates superior shade, cold, frost, heat, and drought tolerance. This versatile turf grass is used across the southern United States from the Carolina to Florida under a wide range of climate and soil conditions making it the ideal choice for residential and commercial use.

Bahia Sod

450 square feet a pallet

Warm season grass, resistant to drought, disease and insect attacks. Will survive in a variety of soils from sandy to clay and other infertile, dry soils

Seville Sod

500 square feet a pallet

Seville is a semi-dwarf St. Augustine with a compact low growth habit. Seville is probably one of the most shade tolerant amongst all St Augustine grasses. Exhibiting dark green color, Seville does well in the full sun as well as in moderate shade with 6-7 hours of sunlight throughout the day


  • Live Oak
  • Crape Myrtles
  • Green Button Wood
  • Silver Button Wood
  • Orange Geiger
  • Slash Pine
  • Mahogany
  • and many more.......

Palm Trees

  • Queen Palm
  • Roebelenii
  • Adonidias
  • Fox Tail
  • Fan Palm
  • and more..........


  • Trinette
  • Gold-mound
  • Ficus
  • Crotons
  • Fire-bush
  • Coco-plum
  • and more


  • Red Mulch
  • Cypress Blend
  • Brown Mulch

Soils and Sand

  • Top Soil
  • White Sand
  • Fill 
  • Potting Soil


  • Brown River Rock
  • White River Rock
  • Red Lava Rock
  • Drainfield Rock
  • Pea Rock

Our Services

Landscape Design




Concrete Products

Commercial / Residential Service

Bobcat Service

Lawn Maintenance

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W.S. Sod & Landscaping has worked hard over the years to become one of the top Landscaping & Contractors in South Florida. The founder, Mr. Willie Steele, realizes how important it is to you to have a beautiful and well maintained lawn all year round. Critical to landscaping beauty is knowledge-- about the difference between plants that are annual or seasonal and what thrives best in certain types of soils. By keeping up to date with this information, we are able to guarantee that your landscaping projects will always be picture perfect.

If you are planning outdoor beautification, please keep us in mind.

We will be glad to assist you.

Get in touch!


2401 NW 21st Avenue

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311


(954) 733-3360
(954) 733-3025


Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 5:00pm
Sat: 8:00am - 5:00 pm
Sun: Varies